The iBlue device is compatible with all phones that use the iOS 10.0.0 (or later), Android OS 4.4 (or later) operating system and Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology.

Important note: Bluetooth LE continuously switched on decreases only 3% of the total battery capacity of your phone.

Our apps are free to download. Please visit this page to download.

Required phones


  • iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 7s, 8 and iPhone X(s – r) – (iOS 10.0.0 – iOS 12.3.0)
  • iPod Touch 5th gen or later
  • iPhone 4 – 5 and iOS 8-9 is not supported


List of Android devices we have tested:

This list does not include all compatible devices, only those that have been tested by iBlue.

SamsungGalaxy S3Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S4Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S4 miniTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S4 ActiveTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S5Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S5 miniTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S6Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S6 EdgeTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge PlusTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S6 ActiveTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S7Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S7 EdgeTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S8Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S8+Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Note IITested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Note II DuosTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Young 2 DuosTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Note IIITested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Note III RoundTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Note 4Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Note 5Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Note EdgeTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Note 8.0Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.1Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Rugby ProTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy MegaTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S5 ActiveTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S5 SportTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S3 NeoTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy S3 SlimTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Ace StyleTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Tab 3Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Tas STested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Tab 4Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy CoreTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Core LTETested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Core AdvanceTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Core LiteTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Grand NeoTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Grand DuosTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Grand 2Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Note 3 NeoTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Note ProTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Tab ProTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy ExpressTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Express 2Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy JTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Trend liteTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Trend PlusTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Xcover 2Tested - OK
SamsungGalaxy StellarTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy Stratosphere IITested - OK
SamsungGalaxy AxiomTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy ExhibitTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy PopTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy LightTested - OK
SamsungGalaxy AlphaTested - OK
MotorloaDroid MiniTested - OK
MotorloaDroid UltraTested - OK
MotorloaDroid MAXXTested - OK
MotorloaDroid RAZR MTested - OK
MotorloaDroid RAZR HDTested - OK
MotorloaDroid RAZR HD MAXXTested - OK
MotorloaDroid TurboTested - OK
MotorloaMoto X (2013)Tested - OK
MotorloaMoto X (2014)Tested - OK
MotorloaMoto G (2013)Tested - OK
MotorloaMoto G (2014)Tested - OK
MotorloaMoto E (2014)Tested - OK
MotorloaDroid Turbo 2Tested - OK
HTCOne M7Tested - OK
HTCOne MiniTested - OK
HTCOne MaxTested - OK
HTCOne M8Tested - OK
HTCOne M9Tested - OK
HTCDroid DNATested - OK
HTCEvo 4G LTETested - OK
HTCOne Mini 2Tested - OK
HTCOne E8Tested - OK
HTCDesire 610Tested - OK
HTCDesire 816Tested - OK
HTCDesire 516Tested - OK
LGLG G2Tested - OK
LGLG G FlexTested - OK
LGLG G Pro2Tested - OK
LGLG Vu 3.0Tested - OK
LGLG Optimus L90Tested - OK
LGLG Optimus L70Tested - OK
LGLG G PadTested - OK
LGLG Optimus GTested - OK
LGLG Optimus G ProTested - OK
LGLG Optimus L40Tested - OK
LGLG Optimus L80Tested - OK
LGLG Optimus L65Tested - OK
LGLG Optimus L35Tested - OK
LGLG Optimus Zone 2Tested - OK
LGLG F70Tested - OK
LGLG G2 MiniTested - OK
LGLG Optimus Exceed 2Tested - OK
LGLG VoltTested - OK
LGLG Optimus FuelTested - OK
LGG3Tested - OK
LGV10Tested - OK
GoogleNexus 4Tested - OK
GoogleNexus 5Tested - OK
GoogleNexus 5xTested - OK
GoogleNexus 6Tested - OK
GoogleNexus 6pTested - OK
GoogleNexus 7 (2013)Tested - OK
GoogleNexus 9Tested - OK
GooglePixelTested - OK
GooglePixel XLTested - OK
SonyXperia ZTested - OK
SonyXperia Z1Tested - OK
SonyXperia Z1 CompactTested - OK
SonyXperia Z1sTested - OK
SonyXperia Z1FTested - OK
SonyXperia Z UltraTested - OK
SonyXperia ZRTested - OK
SonyXperia ZLTested - OK
SonyXperia SPTested - OK
SonyXperia TXTested - OK
SonyXperia TTested - OK
SonyXperia VTested - OK
SonyXperia VLTested - OK
SonyXperia AXTested - OK
SonyXperia Tablet ZTested - OK
SonyXperia Z2Tested - OK
SonyXperia Z3Tested - OK
SonyXperia Z3 CompactTested - OK
SonyXperia Z3 DualTested - OK
SonyXperia Z3 Tablet CompactTested - OK
SonyXperia GXTested - OK
SonyXperia Tablet Z2Tested - OK
SonyXperia T2 UltraTested - OK
SonyXperia M2Tested - OK
SonyXperia E1Tested - OK
OnePlusOnePlus OneTested - OK
OnePlusOnePlus 2Tested - OK
OnePlusOnePlus 3Tested - OK
PantechVega Secret UpTested - OK
PantechVega LTE-ATested - OK
PantechVega Iron 2Tested - OK
PantechVega Secret NoteTested - OK
HuaweiAscend P7 (Sophia)Tested - OK
HuaweiAscend P8Tested - OK
HuaweiAscend G6Tested - OK
HuaweiAscent Mate 7Tested - OK
HuaweiHonor 3XTested - OK
HuaweiHonor 3C (3G)Tested - OK
HuaweiHonor 3C (4G)Tested - OK
HuaweiHonor 6Tested - OK
HuaweiHonor 6 PlusTested - OK
CoolpadCoolpad 1STested - OK
CoolpadCoolpad S6Tested - OK
CoolpadCoolpad F2Tested - OK
MeizuMeizuTested - OK
MeizuMeizu MX4Tested - OK
OppoOppo Find 7aTested - OK
OppoOppo Fina 7Tested - OK
OppoOppo R1STested - OK
OppoOppo R1LTested - OK
OppoOppo R1KTested - OK
ZTEZTE Nubia Z5S miniTested - OK
ZTEZTE Nubia Z7 MaxTested - OK
ZTEZTE Grand S ProTested - OK
LenovoLenovo Vibe X2Tested - OK
XiaomiXiaomi Mi3Tested - OK
XiaomiXiaomi Mi4Tested - OK
XiaomiRedMiTested - OK
XiaomiRedMi 2Tested - OK

The following Android devices have known issues with the iBlue devices:

Devices OS Known Issues
Samsung Galaxy S4 MiniAndroid 4.4+These devices may have instabilities with their Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) implementation. To restore BLE functionality you may need to turn Bluetooth off and on, reboot the handset, or restart your tracker.
Lenovo A536Android 4.4+These devices may have instabilities with their Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) implementation. To restore BLE functionality you may need to turn Bluetooth off and on, reboot the handset, or restart your tracker. Also, the Proximity Mode will not work with the Immobilizer device.
Various4.3 or earlieriBlue requires a phone running Android 4.4+, so any 4.3 device is not compatible. If possible, try updating the software to 4.4.

Important note: iPads and other tablets are not officially supported at this time.

Please note that using the beta version of the mobile operating system might cause malfunction. Use always the latest public version of the operating system and also the iBlue applications.