Below we have collected the most commonly used garage doors and gates. It is important to mention that the iBlue Smart Gate is compatible with other access control systems such as magnets, electromechanical locks, and any other device that operates low-voltage and push-buttons.

Whether your garage doors or gates are not on the list, the iBlue Smart Gate will probably work with it. If you would like to make sure your equipment is compatible with iBlue Smart Gate, please send us a message and we will look at it!  We strongly recommend you to contact a qualified installer!

In case a wall switch is fitted to the garage door / gate, you can easily check compatibility: follow the two wires from the pushbutton to the opening motor. Where they connect to the circuitry, tap them for a moment. If the door is activated, it stops and closes, then the gate unit can be controlled by the wall switch, ie the iBlue Smart Gate.

It is worth mentioning that the inputs and outputs are independent of polarity, so the order of the wires is not important.

All the brands and types listed below are tested with iBlue Smart Gate.