Technical parameters of iBlue Smart Gate

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Supply voltage 8-35V DC, 6-24V AC Operating temperature range -40°C – +85°C Max. current consumption (@24V) 45 mA Number of switched output(s) 1 Output type unfused relay contact (NO) Max. load current on output(s) [...]

What are the PUK code and PUK code card?

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Every iBlue Immobilizer and Smart Gate device is paired with a PUK code. This code allows you to set up the device on your phone and prevents others from connecting to it. You can find [...]

How do I install my iBlue Smart Gate device?

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Most residential garage door and door fittings are compatible with the iBlue Smart Gate, which works like a conventional wall push button (which you may have). Of course, installing the iBlue Smart Gate does [...]

How Does It Work – iBlue Smart Gate

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The iBlue Smart Gate device enables you to easily and securely control electric gates and garage doors from your smartphone via a Bluetooth Smart connection. Furthermore, iBlue’s virtual key sharing technology allows you to [...]

Smart Gate Wiring Samples

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Below we have collected the most commonly used garage doors and gates. It is important to mention that the iBlue Smart Gate is compatible with other access control systems such as magnets, electromechanical locks, [...]