Other people can use my car too?

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Sure! After you set up a PIN code, you can use the same PIN on any other phones with the iBlue Immobilizer app. When you try to connect to your device with another phone, it [...]

Technical parameters of iBlue Smart Gate

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Supply voltage10-15VOperating temperature range-40°C  to +85°CMax.  power consumption (@12V)60 mANumber of switched output(s)1Output typeunfused relay contact (NO)Max. power  on output(s)15AShort circuit protectionfuse (0.5A)Dimensions52x35x20 mmWireless communication protocolBluetooth 4.0 LERF carrier frequency2.4GHzRF TX power+3 dBm

What are the PUK code and PUK code card?

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Every iBlue Immobilizer and Smart Gate device is paired with a PUK code. This code allows you to set up the device on your phone and prevents others from connecting to it. You can find the [...]

How do I use iBlue Immobilizer?

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There are multiple ways that you can use your iBlue Immobilizer device. With a PIN code This is the default method selected when you set up your device. Here is how it works: Turn on [...]

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